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logo rings Proudly supporting marriage equality
"Life is as interesting or as boring as you make it! You become what you are"

If it doesn't exist, create it. If you need a club, form it. If people need help, enlist others to work with you.

All that might be required is a little imagination. Do it!

There is simply no excuse for being bored.

Greentree Ceremonies is the trading name of Philip Greentree's celebrancy services. He brings with him a wealth of experience in communication, public speaking and presentation.

tulip tree
Native Miner bird drinking honey from an East-African Tulip Tree in Philip's front yard
Philip is a passionate gardener with many quite unique plants
With his wife Ruth (who willingly brings him down to earth), Philip lives at Salamander Bay on the southern shores of beautiful Port Stephens northeast of Newcastle. Previously, they lived in the Newcastle suburb of Warners Bay on Lake Macquarie..

Philip had a checkered career in sales & marketing, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry.
He left all this late 1983, to enrol in mature-age engineering studies.

A Love of Rugby
rugby 1
Hunter Women's Rugby
A deep love for the game of rugby and a belief in the right of women to participate in anything they elect to do (except boxing in which, he believes, both men's and women's versions should be banned), resulted in Philip founding the Hunter Women's Rugby Union, during 1997.

He served variously as foundation executive officer, president, and vice-president. Over the following 5-years, the HWRU grew to become the second largest women's rugby competition in Australia, and second only to the Sydney women's rugby representative team in playing strength. He was deeply honoured to be elevated to life-membership at the HWRU's 10th anniversary dinner during 2007.

HAM Radio
yagi arayHe is an amateur radio operator holding the full grade licence, call sign VK2IW. These days he is somewhat inactive, but has a burning desire to reinstall his equipment in his car.

During the late 1970s and early 80s, he became the first radio HAM in the world, while operating mobile in his car, to communicate with other radio hams in all 40 zones of the world across all high frequency bands, then repeated that effort individually on each the 10 metre, 15 metre and 20 metre short wave bands.

If It Doesn't Exist, Create It.
Philip was a founder of Gunnedah Squash Club
Philip has served in administration of numerous clubs and community organisations. Along with others, he founded the Gunnedah Squash Club about 1968.
Philip taken with Kirlean photography 
IMM logo
Philip is a deeply spiritual person committed to Metaphysical beliefs, especially the many physical lives a soul must undertake in its long journey toward spiritual evolvement.

Philip dedicated 5-years of his spare-time to, firstly, studying for membership of the International Metaphysical Ministry, then, he continued studies, to be awarded his doctorate in Metaphysical Science late 2016.

As his wife asked, what is he going to do with it at his age. Philip's reply was, "Self-fulfillment, to prove to myself I could do it!"
koala with baby
It's a treat each year as this mother Koala returns to the trees at the rear of Philip's property with her latest pup.

Educated on Sydney's upper North Shore, and despite a deep love of the surf, which sure beat the hell out of boarding school, he somehow completed the NSW Leaving Certificate in 1963, then commenced a sales and marketing career in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly as a medical representative.

logo iea Confronted with an uncontrolled attack of insanity, Philip undertook mature age studies in electronic engineering commencing when 38-years of age, graduating at the ripe old age of 41, although he felt more like 61. logo acsHe then went totally mad and spent the next 14-years working in IT and network management at the University of Newcastle, until retiring in 1999. During those years, he was a member of both the Institution of Engineers Australia and the Australian Computer Society.

More Rugby Madness
logo okgaPhilip played that total madness called rugby, first for his school, then with the OKGA Club in the Sydney sub-districts competition, tlogo mosmanhen grade for Mosman in the old Sydney 2nd Division. Injuries encouraged him to take up refereeing, he officiating at rugby matches in the NSW Central-West, Central-North, and later Newcastle rugby unions, before entering into rugby administration.

Surf Life-Saving
logo nb_slscIn younger years Philip was a volunteer lifeguard, patrol captain and Beach Inspector at Dee Why Beach on Sydney's North-side, and then at North Bondi Beach in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs (really a good excuse to dee why slscwatch all the good-looking girls on the beach and get away with it because that's what lifeguards do, don't they?).
Emergency Services volunteer
ambo logo
Philip was also a member of Surf-lifesaving Australia's Board of Examiners. To expand his first aid expertise during the early seventies, while with the North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club, Philip served as an honorary officer with the Central District Ambulance based at Quay Street HQ - what an experience that was. These days, he simply can't watch RPA or Ambo shows on TV, they give him the absolute creeps: I know, go on, say it.... unresolved PTSS!

logo_wicen Following the Newcastle Earthquake he was appointed as Hunter Region coordinator of the communications emergency service, WICEN, a member squad of the Volunteer Rescue Association of NSW. He then served several years as State coordinator.

logo aamca
Philip was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1971. In later years, it seemed only natural to Philip that he should undertake training to become a marriage celebrant. All was worthwhile when he was authorised as such by the Commonwealth Attorney General's Dept during 2004. He is a member of Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc .

Philip's Garden
What with mowing 5 lawns on his 1/4 acre of paradise, volunteering at Soldiers Point School, where he assists with reading & writing recover, being a full-time celebrant, there is simply no time to be bored!

He has developed his garden, such that, several couples have actually asked if they could be married in the grounds.

sleeping koala
Soaking up the sun

"You become what you are!"

Philip loves his very different garden
cameliaCamellia Japonica
yellow euphorbia
Euphorbia Millii
Yellow hybrid (2m tall
red frangi
Frangipani "Blood Red"

red camelia
Camellia Japonica
siam goddess
Euphorbia Millii
"Siam Goddess"

flouro pink frangi
"fluorescent pink"

Camellia Japonica
Euphorbia millii
Hybrid Giant white

Frangipani "Darwin Sunset"

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