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Marriage Requirements
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Who can Witness a Notice of Intended Marriage?

Within Australia
if a party signs the notice in Australia:
1.An authorized celebrant,
2. A Commissioner for Declarations under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959,
3. A justice of the peace,
4. A barrister or solicitor,
5. A legally qualified medical practitioner, or
6. A member of the Australian Federal Police or the police force of a State or Territory;

Outside Australia
If a party signs outside Australia:
1. An Australian Diplomatic Officer,
2. An Australian Consular Officer,
3. An employee of the Commonwealth authorized under paragraph 3 (c) of the Consular Fees Act 1955, an employee of the Australian Trade Commission authorized under paragraph 3 (d) of the Consular Fees Act 1955 or
4. A notary public.
"This is your day, a day unlike any other. Only by careful planning will this day come to pass without "hiccup" and with minimum fuss. The planning starts now, with your visit to your chosen celebrant."

"To assist you, I have listed various policies I adhere to, and the legal requirements without which you simply can't be married."
Legal Requirements:
Your marriage will be solemnised according to the Marriage Act 1961. The following are required:

  • A noimNotice of Intended Marriage (NoIM) form must be completed and lodged with myself at least one calendar month prior to the ceremony and no more than 18 months before.

    logo pdfDownload NoIM

    Under no circumstances will your NoIM be backdated simply to enable you to marry in less than one calendar month

    Exception to The Rule
    An NoIM can be granted a shortening of time in special circumstances, eg., Service-personnel being posted overseas at short notice, one of the parties facing imminent death from illness. Celebrant Philip will advise you as to your options and how to go about the process of obtaining shortening.

  • Sighting of Your ID
    I am required to sight either (1) your birth certificates + photo ID, or (2) your passports.

  • Divorce or Death of Previous Spouse
    Documentary proof of termination of your previous marriage; be that Decree Absolute of Divorce, or the Death Certificate of your previous spouse. Translations may be required.

  • English as a Second Language
    If language is an issue, I am required to ensure an interpreter is present during our meeting to ensure all questions are correctly answered.

  • Other Documents
    In some cases, you may be required to sign a statutory declaration(s). It doesn't happen often, but your celebrant will when and why this is required.

    What if a person is under 18-years of age?
    For that person to marry, a court order from either a Federal magistrate or a judge is required, plus written permission from parent(s) or guardian.

    What if both bride & groom are under 18-years of age?
    Australian law specifically prevents you from marrying.

    Declaration of No Impediment to Marriage (Formerly the Form 14)
    Prior to your marriage, you are required to each sign a declaration stating that you are free to marry and that you are not aware of any impediment to your marriage.

    In NSW, this document can be signed 14-days or less before the ceremony.

    You can NOT & will NOT be married until you sign this document.

    The Ceremony
    The following are required for a legal wedding ceremony:
    Two witnesses, each aged over 18-years,
    2. The celebrant and,
    3. of course, yourselves.

    copyrightThe implications of copyright infringement when using music and poetry are considerations you must be aware of.

    logo pdfClick here to read a special copyright document from the Commonwealth Attorney General's Dept.

    Copyright can be a real issue at weddings. Many couples say they simply don't care and push on regardless.

    But, when they are engaging a videographer, even a photographer, they are "gob-smacked" to discover that under Australian Law, they need permission of all the "players" involved in the ceremony before that can occur.

    Did you know that if your celebrant is to be videoed, you need his/her permission to do so? And how do you video a wedding without including the celebrant?
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