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Marriage Equality
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"Love is the only thing that matters... if two people love each other, they should have the right to celebrate their love"

Commitment Ceremonies
Philip has always found it best to take a wedding ceremony, then remove the legal elements, so it's not a wedding as such. Given his ceremonies are simply unique with far more meaningful content than elsewhere. The result is you may not be married as such, but you sure feel you are..
The inane Australian Parliamentary politics of the marriage equality debate is well known and needs no further elaboration here. Therefore, I see my role is a dual one:

1. As a marriage celebrant it is my role to unite two persons within the Rules, Regulations, and constraints of the Marriage Act.

2. As a general celebrant, I see my role as to celebrate and unify the love between two persons irrespective of genders.

Although there are no legal benefits to a commitment ceremony, the ceremony can transcend and bond your love in a more permanent nature in your hearts and in the eyes of your friends and family.

When I watched this, I realised it "said it all."

Sydney & Overseas Couples
Talk with Philip about a Port Stephens Commitment by The Sea or amongst the vines in Port Stephens or the Hunter Valley vineyards. He can put you in touch with the excellent resorts and all facilities in the area.

Commitment Ceremonies are not always just about same-sex couples. There are those with special needs within our society.

Commitment Ceremonies fall into three basic categories:

  • Same-sex couples, who are as committed to each other as any other couple and seek to confirm their relationship before family and friends.

  • Those who wish to marry at some time in the future, but seek to commit to each other now.

  • Those who, through religious, or legal complications can not proceed with the usual form of marriage.
Forward Planning
As sure as the sun rises & sets each day, marriage equality will occur in Australia.
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Discuss with Philip the concept of holding your commitment now, then, when the Marriage Act is amended in the future, Philip will solemnise your marriage, with the commitment considered when setting a fee.
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