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Pre-Marital Education
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Where do you see yourselves
in 10-15 years?
Couple counseling
Hugging couple
Where do you see yourselves 5, 10, 20, 40-years in to your marriage?
Love you
All it might have taken was one Saturday or a couple of nights out of your lifetime to ensure you do have a successful life together in marriage.
Do You Really Need To Have Premarital Education?
Consider the following:
55% of ALL the marriages in Australia this year WILL end in divorce and, WILL do so in an average of 7-years. The majority of those who had pre-marital education either STAY married, or achieve a more amicable result if failure does occur!
So, there is only one answer.....


There can be no greater investment in your future. View the video below, the statistics are identical to Australia.
Australia & the USA have almost identical statistics
Another Reference from among many...
John & Kylie
Barry Park, Fingal Bay

An amazing experience & planned ceremony, very passionate & professional like he was managing his own daughter's or son's wedding. The overwhelming response we received on our special day & for weeks after was very special.

Both my husband & I are so happy that we had the opportunity to have Philip manage our wedding ceremony. We have lovely memories of our wedding celebrant & vows with Philip.

He put many hours & passion into our cermony preperation even while he was admitted to hospital, Phil still kept in touch with us.
Advice from Philip
Philip blue shirt
Celebrant Philip Greentree is absolutely convinced of the need for premarital education.

Statistics prove categorically the value of attending an education class. They get your on the same page before the marriage occurs.

Over the years, he remembers the grooms who said it would be a waste of time. "After all, we know each other!"

Funny thing, every one he is aware of is now divorced!
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