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Philip's Dress Options
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Why all these options?

Philip realised early on that many couples want a little more than just the traditional celebrant dressed in a plain black suit.

After all, how can one perform a scottish wedding and not be dressed in a kilt?

How can a celebrant do justice to a Celtic/Pagan wedding and not be dressed accordingly?

If your partner is wearing a dinner suit, surely you want your celebrant dressed the same?

It's all too easy when your celebrant loves dressing up for his weddings. If you want a little bit of pomp and circumstance Philip will provide it.


Philip Greentree is not your usual everyday celebrant. He loves dressing for the occasion, & has the range of dress to suit. From formal, to beach, to Scottish & ancient traditions, Philip is truly the versatile celebrant. Philip druid
The Druid with sword
Philip Scottish
The Laird of Glencrannog
Philip suit black
Black Suit
philip suit stole red
Suite with Red Stole
Philip suit stoll white
Suit with White Stole
philip dinner suit
Dinner Suit
philip dinner suit stole red
Dinner Suit with Red Stole
philip dinner suit stole white
Dinner Suit with White Stole
philip beach
Beach Casual
philip casual plain
philip casual stole red
Casual with Red Stole

More of Philip's brides
daring to be different
Renee married wore this stunning scarlet number at Peterson's Champagne House.!
Jessica wore a beautiful lace dress made from layers of different shades of green.
Monika made a real statement the day she at Jesmond Park January 2011
John & Paige show what happens at a witch's full moon wedding!
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