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Wedding & Commitment Ceremonies
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Scottish Weddings

Conventional Weddings

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Irish Weddings

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Pagan Weddings & Handfasting
Celtic, Earth-centred, Wicca, Pagan

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Orthodox Weddings
Greek, Serbian, Macedonian, Lebanese, Romanian, Russian , Armenian etc.

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Metaphysical & New Age Spiritual Weddings

Cultural & Cross-Cultural Weddings

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Chinese Traditions
Engaging a celebrant is more than taking the cheapest around to simply go through the motions to justify the party to follow.

Commitment Ceremonies
Philip has always found it best to take a wedding ceremony, then remove the legal elements, so it's not a wedding as such.

His ceremonies are simply unique with far more meaningful content than elsewhere.

The result is you may not be married as such, but you sure feel you are.
It is actually about engaging a celebrant you relate to, and who you will remember for the remainder of your lives. The most effective celebrants come to be regarded as a dear friend by many couples.

Your Ceremony
From Philip's exceptional 400-page resource manual, you should have no trouble creating the ceremony you actually want. The range of options and rituals are wide-ranging. The result is generally something very special.

Online Registration of Your Marriage
Celebrant Philip registers your wedding online, usually within 24-hours of your ceremony.

Marriage Certificate Online
marriage certificateCelebrant Philip orders your marriage certificate at the same time as registering your marriage. Subject to Australia Post, you should receive it within 7-days.

Premarital Education
Philip can direct you to the best providers of premarital education in the Hunter Region,

A good celebrant is one who willingly goes the "extra mile."
He/she is one who is easily contacted, one for whom nothing is too much trouble, one who ensures the boxes are ticked, and delivers the ceremony you wanted. Equally, the good celebrant ensures every one can hear at the ceremony. The top celebrants are those who take immense pride in what they do.

Comprehensive Wedding Manual
wedding manualPhilip's 400-page wedding manual is exceptional. Unlike other celebrants who only offer a choice of 4-5 fixed ceremonies, Philip offers unlimited choice at every stage. You are encouraged to express your personality through your ceremony.

What does celebrant Philip provide?
  • Unlimited support
  • Excellent PA system
  • Signing table
  • 400 page resource manual
  • Registers your wedding online
  • Orders your marriage certificate online
  • Knowledge & experience
  • Easily contractible
  • Claimed by all as the truly user-friendly celebrant

    Another Reference from among many...
    Craig & Heather
    Pearson Park
    Soldiers Point, NSW

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for delivering such a wonderful ceremony. The most common comment we received was along the lines of "it was such a beautiful ceremony, we've never seen anything like it, it was amazing. We'll never forget it."

    Everyone loved how you got them all involved and explained the origins of the stone and binding of the hands and the Anamchara, people had never heard of that one before and liked learning about the origins of the sayings 'set in stone' and 'tie the knot'. I was afraid people would whinge about the length of the ceremony...but in retrospect it was just me being lost in the moment as I stared at Heather.

    We both commented that we vaguely heard what you were saying but we weren't really listening (that is no offense to you at all, we were just lost in one another, captured in the moment where no one else existed or mattered because we had finally reached our goal of finally getting married...it was a truely spiritual experience). That said, we knew what you were saying and knew our queus.

    You truely deserve your reputation and we will be forever grateful for your contribution to our day and thus our lives, you made it very special and you are a truely special and gifted man (in the best way possible). Thank you again.
    of Country"

    Philip is often asked to acknowledge the original Australians. There are two ways:

    1. "Acknowledgement of Country" is a way that the wider community can demonstrate respect for Aboriginal protocol and can be performed by any party that is participating in an occasion of any kind.

    "Acknowledgement of Country" can be performed by both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples.

    It is a demonstration of respect dedicated to the Traditional Custodians of the Land and or Sea where the gathering of participants is being conducted.

    2. "Welcome to Country" can only be performed by a local Elder or other person of First Nations' heritage. Philip will provide full advice on what is required.


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