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They Stood Tall" is the collaborative work of Philip Greentree, Keith South, Margaret Parkes and Marilyn Lacey. Several decades in the making, their work is finally ready for publication.

This work will surely be regarded as the definitive work on not just a family line, but an entire DNA linked wide-spread family grouping. The work is spread across several volumes and covers the genealogy of all the lines, along with the history of the early generations of these families.

Cover Sheet Genealaogy

Volume 1 details the genealogy (family tree) of the lines descended from:

1. Henry Greentree & Jane Pope,
2. William Greentree & Mary Callow,
3. Amelia Catherine Greentree & George Bray,
4. Henry Greentree & Mary Catherine Plummer, and
5. George Greentree & Margaret Murphy.

Cover Sheet Genealaogy

Volume 2 is the excellently detailed history of the first three generations of ALL eight family lines.

1a. Elizabeth Voller (1801) & Robyn McAlister
1b. Ann Voller (1803)
2. Henry Greentree (1815) & Jane Pope
3. William Greentree (1815) & Mary Callow
4. John Plummer (1822) & Rebecca Cull
5. William Greentree (1832)
6. Amelia Catherine Greentree (1853) & George Bray
7. Henry Greentree (1870) & Mary Catherine Plummer
8. George Greentree (1879) & Margaret Murphy

Volume 3 details the genealogy of the early generations of:

1. The Convict Voller sisters (Sydney), and
2. convicts John Plummer and his wife Rebecca Cull (Hobart).

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