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What does Philip Provide?
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A very serious PA system.
6 wireless hand mikes
2 wireless head mikes
1 corded mike
Entirely battery powered

Every word is heard
Small table with chair and table cloths
Wind-proof candle holders
Portable lectern
wedding manual
400 pages
FREE name change kit
  • Full Support
  • Sense of Humour
  • Choice

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    More Marriage Information "A Celebration of Love"
    "This is your day, a day unlike any other. Only by careful planning will this day come to pass without "hiccup" and minimum fuss. The planning starts now, with your visit to your chosen celebrant."

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    It is not uncommon for a celebrant to have multiple bookings on the same day, especially full-time professional celebrants such as mysefl. I ensure there is adequate time for each ceremony and for travel between them.

    .I always ensure I have sufficient time to cover a late arrival of 15 minutes, but if the lateness is inordinately long.... well (the worst I had was 1 hour and 10 minutes late - don't ask what the bride's family thought of her).

    Incidentally, I always advise you before hand of my arrangements for the day and whether or not I have another wedding before or after yours. If your wedding is in Sydney, or elsewhere outside of the Hunter, it will almost certainly be my only wedding that day.
    I love family wedding's and encourage inclusion of children in the ceremony

    y policy is to have a contact number of someone you trust who will be at the wedding. I phone ahead to advise of my time of departure and expected arrival at your wedding location.

    In the worse case, if my car breaks down, then that person can arrange to have someone come to collect me so the wedding can proceed.

    What if someone is under 18-years of age?
    For that person to marry, a court order from either a Federal magistrate or a judge is required, plus written permission from parents or guardian.

    What if both bride & groom are under 18-years of age Australian law specifically prevents you from marrying.

    The implications of copyright infringement when using music and poetry are considerations you must be aware of. Click here to read a special copyright document from the Commonwealth Attorney General's Dept.


    "To assist you, I have listed various policies I adhere to, and the legal requirements without which you simply can't be married."

    Chris' & Claude's laid back wedding aboard the MV Moonshadow. The groom expressly prohibited coats being worn.

    Your Wedding Day:
    I always plan on arriving 40-60 minutes prior to the ceremony to enable setting up of my audio system, other required equipment and meeting those assembled.

    I Supply:
  • Professional PA system with multiple wireless mikes and 100w RMS amplifier. I normally use a TV-style headset mike,
  • Table with chair and table cloths for the signing,
  • Lectern

  • Legal Requirements:
    Your marriage will be solemnised according to the Marriage Act 1961. The following is required:
    • A Notice of Intended Marriage form must be completed and lodged with myself at least one month prior to the ceremony and no more than 18 months before.
    • I am required to sight your birth certificates, or if born outside Australia, your passport.
    • Documentary proof of termination of any previous marriage; be that Decree Absolute of divorce, or Death Certificate. Translations may be required.

    • If language is an issue, I am required by law to ensure an interpreter is present during our meeting to ensure all questions are correctly answered.
    • wedding_bears
    • Prior to your marriage, you are required to each sign a declaration stating that you are free to marry and that you are not aware of any impediment to your marriage.
    • Two witnesses, each aged over 18-years must be provided to witness your marriage at the ceremony.

    Vist Your Hunter Valley Wedding Planner Vist Your Hunter Valley Wedding Planner
    What Rituals?
    Celebrant's Challenge
    Crossed Swords
    Parental Blessing
    Anam chara
    Candle ceremonies
    Sand ceremonies
    Ring Washing & blessing
    Combinedc asking & ring exchange
    Sword & chalice
    Set in Stone
    Blessing of The hands
    Rose ceremonies
    Bell of Truce
    Wine sharing
    Jumping the besom
    Sword & tartan
    Butterfly release
    Dove release
    Cake & Ale etc
    Sword Fasting
    Other cultural rituals

    And many others


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