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A Handfasting Synopsis
Handfasting for the Celts was not just the binding together of the wrists it was more the binding together of their souls. While some historians argue handfasting was a betrothal ritual, the betrothal lasting a year and a day, others dispute this based on evidence of several kings taking handfasting wives, the children of those relationships inheriting the crown. These same kings also had church wed wives, with these wives merely to cement political alliances. One must assume therfore that handfasting was something more than just a marraige ritual, that it was something above that, something based upon the spiritual level.

Importantly, the Scots retained handfasting as an act of Legal marriage until as recently as 1939.

Today, many Australian couples look upon handfasting as the Act of Spiritual Marriage, the moment when, in their hearts, their souls are merged as their wrists are bound. It is a truly wonderful ritual, which, for some, has more meaning than the legal vows. 

he tragedy of handfasting in Australia is that so very many celebrants who perform the ritual simply don't understand the Celtic belief system, nor believe in the concept of the soul as distinct from the physical body. To them, it's merely a "twee" ritual the client wants performed.
The Full Story
Ancient Celtic Ceremonies "A Celebration of Love"
Philip Greentree has a range of ancient Celtic ceremonies (and in between) that reflect the old traditions.
Ancient Celtic Weddings
The ancient Celts believed marriage was more than an agreement between two people. Rather, it was effective on three levels;
  • The individual
  • The social and
  • The spiritual
Philip's Celtic, Pagan & Earth-Centred Ceremonies are drawn from the culture of the original inhabitants of the British Isles before invasions by the Danes, Angles, Saxons, and finally the Normans. However, it should be noted those races also practiced handfasting.

Celebrant Philip makes avaiable numerous traditional rituals for the Complex & Simplified Celtic ceremonies:

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  Pre-Betrothal Stage
  Entry procession
  Celebrant's Challenge©
  Cleansing ceremony
  The Blessing of the Celtic Holy Trinity
The calling down of the male and female devine
  The Ceremony Introduction
  The Caim Optional
  Cake & ale plates
  Honouring of the five elements The consecration circle and the elemental challenge to the couple: Fire, Earth, Air, Water & the Spirit linking them all.
  Bell of Truce
  Betrothal Stage
  Monitum Part 2 (Legally required in Australian weddings)
  Cleansing & Blessing of the Rings©
  Celtic Asking & Ring Exchange
  Combined sword, chalice, asking and ring exchange. This is an optional long, complex format
  Celtic Vows
  Setting in Stone of the vows©
  Post-Betrothal Stage
  The joining of Man & Woman
  The taking of the Chalice
  Sealing the Covenant of Marriage
  Sword fasting Declaration of Marriage
  Signing the Register
  Celtic Blessing
  Jumping the Besom
  Presentation of the married couple
  Grushie (if Irish oriented)
  And, when the day is all done.......

Length of Celtic & Earth-centred Ceremonies
The simplified ceremony takes about 35-40 minutes.
The complex ceremony takes about 45-65 minutes depending on content. Of course variations in between are welcome.

The Complex Ancient Celtic ceremony isboth deeply spiritual, replete with some quite extraordinarily emotional and spiritual components and, yet, there is are some very lighthearted moments. This normally runs for about 55-65 minutes and is a real ceremony.

The days of the Celtic Church were the days of Arthurian and Grail legends. They gave rise to some wonderful rituals that are celebrated in various of Philip's ceremonies.

The influence of the Celtic Church upon the Celts
Celebrant Philip can also provide a Celtic ceremony based upon the days of the Celtic Church (not to be confused with the rival and diametrically opposed & exceedingly brutal Roman Church). These were the days when the Legend of the Holy grail and of Arthurian times came into being.

Earth Centred Ceremonies
The earth-centred ceremony is effectively an Ancient Celtic ceremony, its derivation being from the Celtic culture and lore even in Europe.
We want Philip dressed as a Laird of Glencrannog, not as a Celtic Bard?
Yes, Philip will wear his kilt and modify the ceremony accordingly, but on one condition......
You must engage a piper. After all, what's a flag pole without a flag? Looks odd doesn't it?

For the Druids and their Celtic flock, when Christianity came to the British Isles, it was the spiritual, Nasorean form, which they took up because of its remarkable similarity to Druidism. However, Rome first sought to wipe the Druids of the face of the earth at the point of a sword during its military occupation of Britian.

Then, some 400-500 years later in its "rebadged form", with its brutally enforced Pauline form of Christianity, it tragically won the intellectual battle in the 6th-7th Centuries AD and the days of the Druids were over for good.

With the English county of Devon
& the Spanish province of Asturis seeking

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