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Renewal of Vows A Celebration of a happy Marriage
"Yours may be a true relationship, one of the heart in which both of your are totally committed to each other. Why not celebrate by confirming this wonderful thing called love"

Why renew your vows?
For some couples, a renewal of vows ceremony is an opportunity to reaffirm their love for and commitment to each other. It is an opportunity for their families, and especially their children, to be involved, and to be involved in a joyful way.

What a wonderful opportunity to share with your family and friends your precious moments and memories of the years you have been together.

Friends and family can and are encouraged to take part and be involved, from reading of poetry, sharing music and special symbols to emphasise the importance of this special occasion.


Comprehensive manual to select your ceremony from.

Where can I hold a Renewal of Vows Ceremony?
  • Your home,
  • Your garden,
  • A suitable park,
  • By the seaside,
  • Aboard a boat,
  • Dinner at a restaurant
  • Dinner at a club,
  • Wherever that is suitable and appeals to you.


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