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    Hindu Ceremonies "This madness called Love"
    The Hindu culture, along with its religion, has existed for far longer than any other on this planet. In fact, its history goes back at least 6000 years. The Hindu culture, like any from such a background and history, is diverse and maintains many regional variations within its wedding ceremonies.
    Photography by D & V
    What an amazing wedding - a combined Hindu and Celtic-Scottish ceremony. From L-R: Vedic Priest Pandit Merty from New York, Philip Greentree (celebrant) and Mr Merty's assistant, wedding planner Shubhra from Oregon.

    The Hindu wedding ceremony does not contain many of the items required by Australian Law. There is no celebrants 'Monitum, no asking, and no legal vows of commitment etc. You see, in Australia, a couple must verify before their witnesses that they have come of their own free will and actually do want to marry each other. Therefore, if a couple with Hindu heritage seek to marry within their culture, they will require a Hindu priest who is also authorised as a civil celebrant. Therein lies the difficulty, since if there are any in Australia, they are few and far between.

    This is why Philip Greentree is able to assist you. In the first instance, if you want all the excitement and grandeur of a Hindu wedding, then you are best to obtain a Hindu priest to ensure that side goes well, and utilise Philip for the civil requirements. Philip Greentree will work with your priest to facilitate merging of the civil requirements at the appropriate sections of your ceremony.

    Australia is a multi-cultural society: Celebrate YOUR culture with Philip Greentree
    Photography by D & V
    Philip Greentree with the bride & groom at the wonderful Hindu-Celtic wedding ceremony. Was this the first time in Australia, if not the World, where the civil officiant wore a kilt at a Hindu wedding cermony?

    ABIA Accredited
    The Australian Bridal Industry Academy
    Philip takes great personal pride in professionalism and achievement. He is one of the few NSW celebrants outside of Sydney to be approved by the Australian Bridal Industry Academy, which gives you peace of mind knowing the standard of quality service and presentation he has achieved.

    The full Hindu ceremony is extremely complex compared to an Australian civil ceremony, but the colour, the grandeur, the buzz of the Hindu ceremony is something that you simply don't achieve from a conventional Aussie ceremony.
    Philip has developed a shorter ceremony for those who don't want the typically long ceremony. It is based on the Hindu heritage and conforms with Australian civil requirements. Of course, you are welcome to utilise a Hindu priest to conduct the cultural aspects of the ceremony, with Philip carrying out what is required by Australian Law.

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