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Commitment Ceremonies "A Celebration
of Love"
"Love is the only thing that matters... if two people love each other, it is their inalienable have the right to celebrate their love"
The Waiting Game :
As we are all aware, Australia is currently held back by the Religious Right that currently controls our Parliamentary structure. So blinded are they by their narrow belief system, they truly believe it is their god's will to cause what, to them, is justifiable pain and grief to society. They are currently the minority dictating to the majority.

There WILL be marriage equality in this country. It is as inevitable as the sun rises in the morning, In the mean time, it is my role to assist you as best I can.

Currently, I can only offer a commitment ceremony. However, I will be delighted to discuss with you a plan whereby you can commit to each other now with a meaningful ceremony, then return when the majorty has spoken, and Parliament does what it is meant to do and changes the Marriage Act 1961 to grant marriage equality to all.

Same-sex commitment ceremonies create a union that is a sign of hope in a rapidly changing society.

Sydney & Overseas Couples
Talk with Philip about a Port Stephens Commitment by The Sea or a Vineyards Commitment in The Vines. He can put you in touch with the excellent resorts and all facilities in the area.
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Commitment ceremonies provide for some special needs within our society. They fall into three basic categories:
  • Same-sex couples, who are as committed to each other as any other couple and seek to confirm their relationship before family and friends.

  • Those who wish to marry at some time in the future, but seek to commit to each other now.

  • Those who, through religious, or legal complications can not proceed with the usual form of marriage.
Talk with Philip about your ceremony options. He has an excellent range of ceremonies to enable you to celebrate your day of commitment. These include his many cultural formats.

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